Luxury and Utility

Gumman SA-16A Albatross (18)    As the center of activity, special attention was given to the cabin design. The Albatross’s large wheel wells on either side of the fuselage created two distinct compartments. The forward compartment oozes business jet luxury, comfort and style. Extra wide leather seats, inlaid wooden tables and recessed ambient lighting create an ultra comfortable environment to enjoy the flight.

Gumman SA-16A Albatross Beautiful Interior

The rear compartment leans more towards the utilitarian capabilities for which the Albatross is famous. This cabin provides the spring board for on water fun, from scuba to a day’s fishing on a remote wilderness lake. Custom scuba tank storage, dingy storage and wet floor capability make water activities simple. After a day’s relaxation and play on the water, the rear compartment welcomes you with comfortable convertible couches on which to nap and relax.