The Albatross - bone, feathers, muscle and the wind. An albatross is its own taut longbow, the breeze its bowstring, propelling its projectile body. An art [...]

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1951 Grumman SA-16A Albatross
S/N: AF51-7186
Engines: Wright R-1820-80A, 1525hp [...] Read More

As the center of activity, special attention was given to the cabin design. The Albatross's large wheel wells on either side of the fuselage created [...]

Walk around the Albatross and you will quickly recognize the purpose behind each engineering solution. A deep high strength hull with very strong outriggers speak to [...]

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World War II spurred incredible advancements in all spheres of technology. Aviation was a major beneficiary. Engineers pushed the edge of technology [...] Read More

The passengers are seated comfortably in the richly decorated lounge, taking tea and cakes , while chatting amiably. Men are dressed in beautifully [...] Read...